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June 6, 2012

Nowadays there are so many different training programs available that it has blurred the views of professionals. Choosing a specific training program in sales is even more difficult with all the different providers.

Defining the effect of a training program has become a critical aspect. Clearly understanding the benefits received from such a training program has moved from being a luxury fifteen years ago, to a necessity today. More importantly, as more accountability is placed on HR departments and its budgets, organizations now demand a clear understanding of the impact a training program has on its participants, before moving forward with such an investment.

It is the responsibility of the training provider to demonstrate its value to the customer. In response to this environment, Dale Carnegie conducted an impact study of the Sales Advantage Training program. The task was to explore the perceived change in sales performance that the participants experienced during this program and to communicate this result in objective terms.

The study was conducted between 701 individuals graduated from the Sales Advantage program. A sample of 148 participants was surveyed on their sales performance at the end of the program. These are the results:

  • The results showed that 81% of respondents reported an increase in their sales during after following the Sales Advantage program.
  • 34% reported an increase in sales of 40% or more.
  • 77% realized an increase in their commission during the training program.
  • 84% reported having better prospects due to improved cold calling skills.
  • 58% reduced the length of the sales cycle during the program
  • and 24% report a decrease in their sales cycle of 40% or greater.

Sales Advantage Training in the Netherlands

70% of sales forces report a minimum 20% increase in sales using the Dale Carnegie process

The Sales Advantage Training gives your sales force new proprietary tools and techniques, practical “front-line” knowledge and exclusive insights from professionals about the fast-changing challenges of sales. Participants take away a mastery of the sales process such as how to:


  • Learn to apply a repeatable proven sales process
  • Understand how to work with the inherent objections in the minds of every buyer
  • Assess your own sales competencies
  • Uncover hidden objections
  • Discover how to listen at a deeper level
  • Dale Carnegie Background-Credibility Step
  • The challenges facing the new sales professional
  • Ten reasons salespeople fail
  • The Sales Success Wheel
  • The buying/selling process
  • Creating a partnership
  • Self-assessment
  • See the world from each buyer’s point of view
  • Interview clients to establish ROI
  • Five greatest fears of Salespeople
  • Build rapport: Establish your personal, company and product credibility
  • Generate interest: The duality of questioning and listening at a higher level
  • Provide solutions: Customize presentations to each prospect
  • Appeal to motives: Transition from logical to emotional selling
  • Uncover objections: Get to the root causes that cause buyer hesitation
  • Gain commitment: Overcome the four major commitment objections from buyers
  • Gather referrals: Discover a non-threatening approach to ask for referrals

The new Sales Advantage Training delivers remarkably improved sales performance. You’ll measure it by how you and your sales force handle the entire sales process- from identifying new prospects to delivering superior follow-up service.

You will see the improved results on the bottom line.

The next Sales Advantage Training is planned on 18, 19 & 20 June 2012 in Amsterdam (Dutch spoken)

For more information go to the website or calls us at +31-(0)20-49 50 640

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