Listening and Leadership

October 31, 2013

imagerymajestic listeningHere in the Netherlands, listening is critical and essential in leadership. There is more power in listening than there is in management itself. It is often said that great leaders are great listeners. And Dale Carnegie Training believes in that adage. The ability for managers and leaders to listen to employees across ranks plays a key role in organizational success and opportunity.

The need for leadership to listen is even more important now than ever before as we head into 2014.  Every idea and every suggestion improves both decision making and problem solving. Collective talent grows business regardless of economic environment. It makes sense to gather information and feedback from everyone before taking action on any project.

Employees want their voices heard in the workplace. It is the most important factor in building strength in an organization.

Leaders must listen to every employee by:

  • Maintaining good eye contact
  • Being interested in the conversation
  • Asking questions
  • Being genuine
  • Finding value in the message
  • Fostering positive relationships
  • Avoiding taking calls or looking at the phone

Employee trust is integral to business success. The more employees are listened to, the more they become engaged, and the more they trust management. Communication is very important. Employees today expect and want feedback. And feedback only happens when employees are involved in the process. The days of bureaucracy have been displaced by participation.

Dale Carnegie Training believes that there is a great value in leadership applying a disciplined approach to listening and gathering information in support of success. Removing any roadblocks to effective listening is at the heart of both opportunity and continuous excellence. Talking and listening go hand-in-hand. Both blend seamlessly for good communication to take place.

Listening is one of the few avenues within an organization that fosters learning anywhere and anytime.

Creativity, innovation, improvement, and contribution happen when people are listening to one another.

The secret of success within good leadership is effective listening!


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